About us

Ever heard of a SigAlert? If you've ever driven Los Angeles freeways you know the term well, and whenever you hear there's a SigAlert somewhere, you know to avoid that traffic jam at all costs. Lloyd Sigmon, whose name adorns our radio station, coined that term. Today his memory lives on in The Lloyd Sigmon Radio Studio. The very same studio that has produce KWVS radio. It is here that students produce music and talk shows that help them learn to use this still vibrant form of media communication.

The KWVS radio station is programmed and staffed by students. It's a tradition on campus for groups of students, some media production majors, some just music aficionados, to start a radio program. Don't be surprised to sometimes hear a faculty member or administrator hosting a radio show, just for the fun of it! Contact us if you'd like to get involved!